Почему медицинская электронная печатная плата требует прослеживаемости?

The quality of any Печатная плата circuit board is an essential aspect that suppliers and equipment manufacturers need to pay attention to. There are many ways to ensure the quality of pcba processing in smt chip processing factory. First of all, it is necessary to pay attention to whether reasonable process control requirements are adopted in PCB manufacturing and SMT processing. Two of these requirements are consistency and traceability.
Since traceability is a requirement to ensure quality inspection operability if there is a problem with the product after the circuit board has been processed, the manufacturer should be able to point out the point of defect in the different components (PCB and components) of the product. This helps ensure that defects can be resolved or possible improvements can be provided without having to inspect all products.
Consistency helps maintain proper procedures for smt patch assembly. If the manufacturing and assembly process has been evaluated and confirmed, the chance of defects in the finished output PCBA will be reduced.


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