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1. What are the PCB manufacturing processes?
There are several PCB manufacturing methods that allow PCBs to be submitted before reaching the final product. These methods include preparing the board surface, placing components, soldering, cleaning, and inspection and testing.

2. What is the PCB design process?
Step 1 - Design
Step 2 - Print the Design
Step 3 - Create the baseplate
Step 4 - Print the inner layer
Step 5 - UV Lamp
Step 6 - Remove Unwanted Copper
Step 7 - Check.
Step 8 - Laminate the Layers

3. What is the PCB layer?
A PCB is defined as multiple copper layers with a well-defined sequence. The copper layers of a PCB are usually just named layers or also called signal layers. However, to define a complete PCB, additional layers are required. They are usually named after their function and location.

4. What are the components of PCB?
Some common PCB components include:
Battery: Provides voltage to the circuit.
Resistors: Control current flow through them. They are color coded to determine their value.
LED: Light Emitting Diode. Lights up when current is flowing, and only allows current to flow in one direction.
Transistor: Amplifies electric charge.
Capacitors: These are components that can carry electrical charges.
Inductor: Stores charge and stops and changes current flow.
Diode: Only allows current to pass in one direction and blocks the other.
Switches: Can allow current or block depending on whether they are closed or open.


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